How to use tan towels?

Napkins with the effect of auto-tanning, how to choose and use, useful tips:

Auto-tanning allows you to get a beautiful tan in the shortest possible time without the participation of sunlight. In addition, manufacturers offer various forms of self-tanning to meet the needs of each consumer. So today you can buy creams, lotions, milk, sprays and even napkins that give the body a beautiful beige or bronze hue without UV light.

What are auto-tanning wipes?

Especially in order to get the effect of tanning in a few minutes without the direct participation of the sun, unique products have been developed that give the skin a beautiful natural shade. At the same time, the products are sold in various cosmetic forms, including in the form of napkins. Self-tanning wipes are also suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to soak up the sun on the beach or visit the Solarium. The most important thing is that they are practical and compact, which allows you to take them with you to any place, for example, on vacation or work. Napkins with the effect of self-tanning allow you to correct the skin tone of the face and body. The product has the form of napkins that are impregnated with a special liquid. Wiping the body with such a napkin, you can get a beautiful uniform tan without the participation of sunlight. A beautiful shade can stay on the skin for several days, if you follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

The main advantage of napkins with self tan towels is that they allow you to paint over any part of the skin in a beautiful bronze shade. It is enough to RUB the selected area several times and the desired skin tone appears in a few minutes.

The composition of most napkins with the effect of self-tanning includes the following elements: Coloring substances obtained naturally from sugar cane. The main advantage is that they are absolutely safe for human health, since they are not absorbed into the epidermis, but only remain on its surface, turning into a beautiful brown shade. Vitamin E is a mandatory component that is included in almost every cosmetic product. Vitamin supports skin elasticity and elasticity, accelerates the regeneration process, and prevents cell aging.

Additional components that moisturize skin cells and protect them from the negative effects of UV light.

How do these napkins work?

Napkins with the effect of self-tanning contain a substance that, when in contact with skin cells, manifests itself as a beautiful tan. The effect may last for several days. It all depends on the type of napkins and the manufacturer.

It is also interesting: Self-tanning without spots, how to apply it correctly, align the skin tone Types of napkins for self-tanning Napkins with the effect of self-tanning can be of several types. First of all, you need to select the product depending on the type of skin and the desired shade. Also, napkins can have different degrees of protection from sunlight, namely from 5 to 50. For example, for snow-white skin, napkins with a light tan and UV protection factor 50 are suitable. Which ones to choose?

How to choose best tan towels?

To make the right choice follow these simple tips: First of all, you should consider the type of skin, namely dry or oily. Some wipes can eliminate greasy Shine and give the skin a matte texture, while others, on the contrary, have a moisturizing effect. Therefore, you should carefully read the instructions on the package to choose the right type of napkins. Also an important indicator is the degree of protection from UV radiation. Tanning is mainly used in the summer, so you should take care of protection from the sun. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to choose products with a degree of protection from 40 to 50. For the winter period, funds with an index from 5 to 15 units are suitable.

So, the more sensitive the skin, the greater the level of protection from UV light should be. Choosing the shade of napkins, you should take into account the natural color of the skin. For example, light beige colors are suitable for snow-white skin. Dark skin can be given a beautiful bronze hue. Before using the product, you should test it on a small area of skin to assess the color and detect a possible allergic reaction in time.

Additional opportunity. Manufacturers of sunscreen wipes add additional elements that nourish and restore the skin, protect it from dehydration and aging. All this can be read on the packaging. It is best to choose products with a complex action to simultaneously get a beautiful tan and protect the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors. Who is recommended to Use napkins can be in any season and for any skin type.

The main thing is to choose the right type of vehicle. If this is a sensitive skin, then you should choose wipes with the maximum degree of protection from UV light. Dry skin needs regular hydration, and oily skin needs to eliminate Shine. All this should be taken into account when choosing tools for auto-tanning. It is also interesting

How to choose a body tan your hide, advantages, disadvantages, and contraindications Very often on the beach you can not completely tan. There may be traces of the swimsuit. To mask them and provide a beautiful even skin tone, you should use sunscreen wipes. The main thing is to choose the right shade, taking into account the skin type and preliminary tan. Also, these wipes perfectly mask age spots, scars and stretch marks on the body.

Tan towels before and after

You can highlight the following advantages of napkins with auto-tanning: First of all, the product is absolutely safe for human health, because it contains natural and proven components that do not cause allergic reactions. In addition, the napkins contain elements that protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet light. Napkins are as simple and convenient to use as possible. No need to sunbathe on the beach or go to the Solarium to get a beautiful skin color. Just RUB a certain area of skin to even out the tone and hide imperfections such as scars. You don’t need to wait days or hours for the color to appear. Just a few minutes to get a beautiful tan. In addition, napkins after application to the skin do not leave stains on clothing and bedding.

The main disadvantages of napkins for auto-tanning:

How to tan faster effect? You may not immediately know if the resulting color is appropriate. If applied incorrectly, spots may appear. Therefore, it is recommended to test the product on a small area of skin to assess the result.

Improper storage of napkins can cause them to dry out and become unusable. The main elements will simply evaporate, and you will not be able to get the desired color on the skin. High price compared to going to the Solarium or to the beach.

How to use tan towels?

In order to get a beautiful tan, you should follow these simple tips: First of all, the body should be carefully prepared, namely, clean cosmetics and dirt to get a beautiful tone. To do this, you should use a hot bath, detergents, and a scrub. If you ignore this advice, you can get spots on the skin after using wipes. After cleansing, the skin must be moisturized with a cream or lotion. Next, we put on silicone gloves and start processing certain areas of the skin with napkins. Gently RUB the skin, not staying long in one place to get a uniform tan. After developing the color, you can use napkins to correct flaws and even out the tone.

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Useful tips in order for the tan to look as beautiful and natural as possible, you should choose the color of the napkins, focusing on the skin tone. Where do you sell self-tanning wipes? You can buy auto-tanning products in specialized cosmetics stores. Be sure to test the product on a small area of skin in order to detect possible allergic reactions and other troubles in time. If any alarming symptoms appear, you should refuse to use the tool and choose another one. As carefully as possible, you should handle places that are protected from sunlight, namely the elbow bends, under the kneecaps, neck and wrists. There, the color may be more intense than in other places. It is advisable to avoid contact with clothing and water for several hours after applying the wipes.

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