Shellac nails at home

How to do shellac nails at home?

Shellac is a new manicure technique. It is not as harmful as the classic method of nail extension. At the moment, applying gel Polish to the feet is rapidly replacing other methods of shellac nail designs and processing of the nail plate. Many ladies of various ages who try to follow the fashion, use the services of manicure masters when they want to make shellac. No matter how difficult the process may seem, you can do it yourself at home.


What is shellac?

Shellac gel polish is a natural sequential way to build gel nails. During the procedure, a set of polymers is used, each of which has the properties of both a varnish and a special gel.


The composition of the coating, which is applied to the nails, includes the following components:


Top base. This substance, when solidified, forms a dense coating, which is not afraid of any mechanical effects. The component is considered the basis of any type of shellac.

Photoinitiator. This substance absorbs the sun’s rays, thanks to it, the varnish hardens faster.

Pigment. The shade is the main component of shellac. With the help of pigment, the nails can be given a certain shade.

Diluents. Components that allow you to adjust the consistency of the varnish.

Additives. These components enhance and regulate the quality of the varnish. Thanks to additives, the color becomes more intense and resistant to Erasure.

Shellac looks like a medium-liquid mass. The shellac nail color (white shellac nails, clear shellac nails etc)


of this mass can be different. It all depends on the pigment present in the composition. In order to get a new, unusual shade, you can immediately mix several gel lacquers.

The varnish dries due to a special UV lamp. The coating that dries under other influences is not very stable. Shellac has increased strength. It can be preserved for a minimum of 14 days, while maintaining its original appearance.

shellac nails at home kit

Type of manicure – how to do shellac nails?

What you need for shellac manicure: important tools, materials

For shellac manicure, there is a basic set, which includes tools and materials. Thanks to this set you will make an exquisite manicure yourself at home:


UV lamp. The power of such a light bulb should be 36 W. If you have a lamp with a lower power, the varnish may eventually begin to layer. Therefore, you will get an ugly manicure.

Degreaser. Most often, such substances are sold in the same store as all the components of shellac. If you can’t find one, use ordinary medical alcohol.

Basic coverage. Try to choose a high-quality Foundation.

Shellac of the required color.

Topcoat. You also need to choose high-quality material.

Orange stick.

Napkins that don’t have lint. The fact is that the NAP can spoil the manicure. You will have to remove the layer of shellac, and then apply it again. You will need napkins to remove the sticky layer at the final stage.

The liquid used to remove the shellac.


During the selection process, pay attention to the CND trade brand. The company sells high-quality material for creating shellac. The fact is that the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of its own products and gives a guarantee for each product.


Basic and additional materials

You can, of course, buy a lower-quality material. But with such products, you may not get a beautiful, long-lasting manicure. If you save money, you will not be able to get a great result-a beautiful, persistent, refined manicure.


How to use shellac nails: preparatory stages

So, having prepared all the necessary tools and materials for shellac manicure, you can start the preparatory stages. They include the preparation of nail plates.


Preliminary manipulations consist of the following stages:


Treat the cuticles on your fingers.

Form the nail shape that you like best.

Polish your nails. This procedure is considered mandatory. Thanks to it, shellac and the surface of the nail plate are better bonded.

Treat your nails with an antibacterial agent. It will decrease the nails and ensure a smooth application of the varnish.

Apply a layer of base coat.

Warm your nails under a UV lamp to fix the gel Polish. The warm-up time should be approximately 30 seconds.

Shellac at home for beginners step by step: base coating

Nail coating after their preparation begins with applying the base. This layer protects the nails from the negative effects of the pigment layer. In addition, the base makes the nail Polish and nail grip much better.


By stage

Apply the base according to the following instructions:


Paint the left edge of the nail plate.

Paint the right edge.

Apply the base to the center of the nail.

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the edges of each nail are carefully “sealed”.

Thanks to this technique, you will evenly distribute the base on the nails, without catching the skin.


The entire database processing procedure consists of the following steps:


To start, rotate the container with the base a little. So you will warm up the base, after which it will evenly fall on the nails.

Apply Foundation. Make sure that the layer is not too thick. Otherwise, the base will take longer to harden, which may cause unwanted spots on the nails.

Dry your nails for 30 seconds.


How to apply shellac?

This layer makes the nails the right color for you. To apply shellac correctly, follow these instructions:


Apply a thin layer of the product. Do not seal the edges of your nails.

Dry the shellac under the lamp for about 3 minutes.

Then apply the shellac again. You can apply the same varnish or use a different color. With this technique, an original, unusual drawing is obtained.

Hold the colored nails under a special lamp for about 3 minutes.

Keep in mind that each layer of shellac must be quite thin, otherwise, the varnish will begin to swell, and bubbles will form under it.


The layer must be thin


Before applying the varnish, check the condition of the product – it should not be too thick. Varnish can deteriorate over time if you store it incorrectly.

Make sure that the cap on the tube is well screwed. Store the varnish only in a dark place where the temperature is no more than +25°C.

The final stage of shellac manicure – applying the top

During the final stage of manicure shellac applied the last layer-top. This procedure is performed as follows:

Apply the top layer thickly. Seal the top of each open edge of the nails. So the colored varnish will be in a closed “vessel”.

Dry your nails. The duration of drying under a special lamp should be approximately 2 minutes.

Take a lint-free cloth and a special tool. Remove the sticky layer.

If you do not have a means to remove the sticky layer, acetone or ordinary alcohol will do. But these substances can ruin the manicure. Therefore, use them very carefully.

I hope we were able to answer your question – diy shellac nails?

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